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Here are some places on campus where you can hang out, eat (usually), and study. Some lounges may only be used by a specific population, like majors or students taking a class in the department. Where possible, we’ve listed access, location, and a phone number to call for other information (like hours!). The “*” indicates that the lounge is open to any student.

African American Studies: Reading room open to undergraduates taking courses in African American Studies; 675A&B Barrows Hall; 642-0351 or 642-7089.

* Anthropology: The Gifford Room is open to all students by appointment or if unoccupied; 232 Kroeber Hall; 642-3391.

* Astronomy: Open to all students; 661 Campbell Hall; 642-5275.

Business: Open to undergraduate business majors, F371 Haas School of Business; open to graduate students, F330 Haas School of Business; PhD students F534 Haas; 642-4617.

* Cal Corps Student Center: Open to all students; 505 Eshleman Hall; 642-3916.

* Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Library: Open to all students; 100 Hildebrand Hall; 642-3753.

City and Regional Planning: Open to city and regional planning undergraduate and graduate students; 228 Wurster Hall; 642-3256.

Classics: Open to classics, film and rhetoric majors only; 7231 Dwinelle Hall; 642-4218.

CNR Resource Center: Open to all College of Natural Resources students; 260 Mulford Hall; 643-8162.

Comparative Literature: Open to comparative literature majors and graduate students only; 4114 Dwinelle Hall; 642-1202.

Demography: Tea Room open to demography graduate students and undergraduates taking courses in the department; 2232 Piedmont Avenue; 642-9800.

* East Asian Languages: Open to all students; 3413 Dwinelle; 642-3480.

Economics: Open to economics graduate students; 611 Evans Hall; 642-0822.

Education: Open to education graduate students with access code; 4625 Tolman Hall; 642-8683.

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS): 240 Cory Hall and 337 Soda Hall are open to EECS undergraduates; 347 Soda Hall is open to EECS graduates; 642-3214, Cory Hall; 642-1042, Soda Hall.

English: Open to English graduate students; 332 Wheeler Hall; 642-3467.

* Eshleman Library: Open to all students; seventh floor of Eshleman Hall; 643-9127.

Ethnic Studies: Open to ethnic studies graduate students; 573 Barrows Hall; 643-0796.

French & Comparative Literature: Graduate student access only; 4114 Dwinelle Hall; 642-2712.

German and Dutch: Open to graduate students in German, Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese; 5310 Dwinelle Hall; 643-2004.

* History: History Library at 2337 Dwinelle; Open to everyone during open hours, otherwise open to graduate students; 2410 Dwinelle Hall; 642-1971.

History of Art: Open to art history graduate students only; 416 Doe Library, fourth floor; 643-7290.

Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR): Open to IEOR students; 4191 Etcheverry; 642-5485.

Information Management and Systems (IMS): Open to School of IMS students with access code only; 4 South Hall; 642-1464.

Linguistics: Open to declared linguistics majors only; 1202 Dwinelle Hall; 642-2757.

Math: Open to math majors only; 1015 Evans Hall; 642-6550.

* Mechanical Engineering: Open to all students; 5139 Etcheverry Hall; 642-1338.

Military Science Library: Open to ROTC cadets during the day; 144 Hearst Gym; 642-3374.

* Morrison Library: Open to all students for reading and relaxing; Doe Library; 642-3671.

* Multicultural Center: Open to all students; Heller Lounge, MLK Jr. Student Union; second floor; 642-4270.

Music: Open to anyone taking music courses; 8 Morrison Hall; 642-2678.

* Near Eastern Studies: Open to all students, may be reserved by department members or NES graduate students; 254 Barrows Hall; 642-3757.

Nuclear Engineering: Open to any student taking a course in the department; 4147 Etcheverry Hall; 642-5010.

Optometry: Open to optometry students with code access only; Minor Hall, fourth floor; 642-0945.

Philosophy: Open to graduate students only; 301 Moses Hall; 642-2722.

* Physics-Astronomy Library: Open to all students, 351 Le Conte Hall; 642-3122.

Public Health: Open to public health graduate students; 56 University Hall; 643-0881.

* Queer Resource Center: Open to all gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, intersex, and questioning Cal students, along with their allies; 305 Eshleman Hall.

* Rhetoric Library: Open to all students during open hours, and graduate students with code access during off hours; 7337 Dwinelle Hall; 642-1415.

Social Welfare: Open to students in the department; 12 Haviland Hall; 642-4341.

* Transfer Student Center: Open to all students; 100 Cesar E. Chavez Student Center; 642-4257.